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As existing coldstores age, it is important to carry out regular roof maintenance, as they become more and more susceptible to water ingress. As well as boundary sealant on the roofs perishing, the GRP roof becomes porous from exposure to UV, which results in water entering the roof panel, and eventually entering the wall panels.  As well as being a contamination risk, the water causes the plywood within the panels to swell, leading to failure of the laminating glue, causing delamination and eventually panel failure.


As can be seen in the thermal image to the left, water has entered the wall panel from a leaking roof, and worked it's way down between the inside skin and the insulation, seen as a dark patch when the box has been heated up.  This will freeze and expand, reducing the structural stability of the panel.

H&H Coldstores is able to offer a roof coating that extends the lifespan of the roof by up to 15 years, while not affecting the insulating properties of the panel.  This can be applied on site with the unit in place, usually without requiring that the unit be turned off.

For more permanent installations, we have developed a steel roof support structure that allows us to install a pitched tin roof onto the coldstores without increasing the load on the roof panel.  This can be supplied and installed in most colours to match your existing factory cladding.


We offer two different options for relining existing floors, depending on your use.  For general pump-truck and ride-on use, we can lay a GRP matting coated in non-slip aggregate over the existing floor, reinstating the original non-slip qualities.

For high-care areas, where the coldstores are washed out regularly, or exposed to higher than normal water use (e.g. tray washes, production lines), we are able to install a hot-sprayed polymer coating, creating a seamless covering that continues up the walls to the top of the kickstrips. This ensures that there are no seams or crevices for water to accumulate, reducing the risk of bacteria build up. 

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