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Portable Modular Coldstores

Using our knowledge and experience within the portable coldstore industry, we have designed our PMC units with the following key points-​

Energy Efficiency - using the latest insulation products from Kingspan, we ensure that our coldstore envelope is 18% more efficient than any other portable coldstore currently on the market

Longevity - wall, ceiling and floor components can all be swapped out if damaged or altered, without affecting the structural integrity of the building.  The roof is coated with a unique polymer that flexes and expands with the building movement, outlasting traditional GRP roofs, while the steel frame, properly cared for, will last 20 years or more.  The insulated panels have a manufacturer backed 30 year warranty.

Flexibility - the design allows complete modularity.  Doors and links can be installed anywhere along side walls without affecting structural integrity, and the PMC 22 units can be linked together completely to create a large widespan unit with pallet capacities up to 104 accessible pallets, without the need for internal supports.

Hygiene - All of the PMC units meet the highest requirements for high care hygiene.  All internal furniture , fittings and sealants are food grade, allowing the factory hygiene regime to continue into any linked units.

Coldstores - Cold storage operating between +10°C and -25°C
37 Pallet coldstore
22 pallet coldstore
14 pallet coldstore

PMC 37 - 37 Euro Pallet capacity

PMC 22 - 22 Euro Pallet capacity

PMC14 - 14 Euro Pallet Capacity

Blast FreezersRapid Blast Chilling and Freezing applications to -30°C
28 pallet blast freezer
17 pallet blast freezer
8 pallet blast freezer

PMB28 - 28 Euro Pallet capacity

PMB17 - 17 Euro Pallet capacity

PMB8 - 8 Euro Pallet Capacity

Available with or without a refrigeration system these are ideal for instant overflow storage, or link them to your factory as an additional production area.  The additional height offered by the PMC (2.9m internal) allows the evaporator to be ceiling mounted without losing any critical storage space

In partnership with our refrigeration supplier, these units are available with a range of cooling capacities to suit your requirements, ranging from 20kW duty to a huge 115kW duty, all at -30°C.  Up tempering control is standard on all systems.

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